The Scadden Lab has two physical homes: one on the main campus of Harvard University in Harvard Square, Cambridge and the other on the main campus of the Massachusetts General Hospital on Beacon Hill in Boston.


The MGH lab is in the Center for Regenerative Medicine in the Simches Building at MGH, the physical home for the multidisciplinary life science programs of the MGH (Systems Biology, Computational and Integrative Biology, Human Genetics and Molecular Biology). It is an exceptionally vibrant base with Noble Laureates and Lasker Prize winning laboratories, yet is closely connected to the clinical care enterprise of the world’s leading hospital. The Center for Regenerative Medicine is a highly interactive, multi-disciplinary group with a culture fostering innovation and the support of young people’s careers.

The Harvard lab is in the Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology in the Sherman-Fairchild Building on Harvard’s main campus. It is one of 20 laboratories in the department, all stem cell focused and closely connected to the other outstanding life sciences and chemistry departments of Harvard. Students abound at this site and it is embedded in one of most intellectually exciting environments on the planet.

Both labs and lab environments are central participants in the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, a virtual Institute that brings together the world’s largest group of stem cell focused investigators. The goal of the lab and the surrounding Center or Department at each site is to use the best of stem cell science to define new biology and new biologically driven approaches to human health. We span two sites, but are one lab family and leverage the strengths of each place to enable our work to have the greatest impact possible.


Boston/Cambridge is a highly energetic epicenter for life sciences. It includes world-leading universities, hospitals and venture capital, biotech start-up and pharma communities. It is alive with culture, history and the arts. There are fabulous venues for sailing, rowing, running, rock climbing, biking, fishing, swimming and nearby skiing and we have great sports teams. It’s also a beautiful place with four real seasons.

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